“Your Relationship: a work in progress” by Dr Lucy Atcheson

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“Your Relationship: a work in progress” by Dr Lucy Atcheson

Relationships are always changing and evolving. We learn from each other, for better or for worse. We adapt to each other’s needs, behaviours or quirky habits. However, what happens when we cannot find a way to adapt? Whether your relationship is seriously dysfunctional or simply not quite as good as you’d like it to be, this book offers insights to support you through tough times.

With sound advice and a down-to-earth style, Lucy Atcheson takes you through the ten areas that most influence the type of relationships you have. In just one month, she demonstrates how to dramatically improve the quality of your relationships.

This book will help you and your partner to build trust, move past arguments and, most importantly, discover a deeper understanding, using practical, tailored methods. The relationships that define our lives are dynamic, and this book will allow you to overcome together every challenge that comes with that.

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