‘Words That Change Minds’ by Shelle Rose Charvet

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‘Words That Change Minds’ by Shelle Rose Charvet

This book is about how people process information, what motivates them and how they make decisions. Shelle Rose Charvet explores how language and behaviour patterns manifest unconsciously, how we can identify it in ourselves and others, and how we can use words that change minds.

People have different motivational styles and ways of processing information. Some are proactive whilst others are reactive; some process internally whilst others do it externally; some like things to remain the same and others thrive on change.

Written in easy to read language with short clearly signposted chapters, Shelle Rose Charvet shows how to identify and understand patterns of communication and behaviour, and how to build relationships by using appropriate influencing language.

Although the book is primarily aimed at business, the principles described are equally valuable for personal use, especially in relationships. I recommend this book particularly to couples that struggle to communicate effectively and find themselves in a cycle of conflict. In general (not always) men tend to process information internally and deliver their decisions without much discussion; whereas women process externally (not always), enjoy talking about a conflict or challenge. These two differing styles can result in conflict. Having an understanding of how and why this happens is a major step towards better communication.

This book provides many more little gems that you may find interesting in your day-to-day life.

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