‘Two Minute Mornings’ by Neil Pasricha


‘Two Minute Mornings’ by Neil Pasricha

We have a tendency to hold on to the past, dwell on mistakes or negative experiences, and worry about the future. We can get so wrapped up in our negative thoughts that we end up becoming stressed and anxious and forget to live in the present. Today, will be tomorrow’s yesterday, so why loose it in the labyrinth of your mind?

Taking two minutes every day to set a simple contract with yourself will positively impact your day and your mental wellbeing. Focus on one day at a time will create a cumulative effect over the week and month.

In this mindfulness journal, Pasricha invites you to write down three daily statements to help you create a more positive life.   

I will let go of…

I am grateful for…

I will focus on…

The book features simple quick prompts to help you reflect, let go of stress, highlight areas of your life you’re grateful for and set an achievable daily task.  

Neil Pasricha is a New York Times bestselling author with millions of books sold worldwide.

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