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Counselling focuses on the immediate situation; on how and what you are experiencing at this moment, such as in CBT. If you are facing higher levels of stress, or going through a difficult time in your relationship or recently had a bereavement, counselling can help you gain a better understanding of your symptoms and provide short-term tools to help you cope day-to-day.

Work will begin straight away and you will most likely come away with some new insights and a few exercises to do prior to your next appointment. 

Psychotherapy delves deeper into the root causes of your symptoms. It explores past experiences that have shaped you and contributed to your current feelings and behaviours. It deals with more complex mental health conditions that have developed over a long period such as depression, PTSD, anxiety, addictions or relationship dysfunctions. Through a supportive process psychotherapy helps you gain new insights into your situation and acquire new skills to help you cope and move forward.


Hypnotherapy is the therapeutic use of hypnosis. It is often referred to as an altered state of conscious awareness; in other words, it is a relaxed meditative state that you allow yourself to enter, where you remain in full control and can end at any point. Hypnosis is used in conjunction with counselling and psychotherapy to help you reach your desired outcome, at times quicker and more effectively.

Relationship Counselling Therapy deals with couples experiencing challenging situations at any stage of their relationship, regardless of marital status, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.

Are you struggling to communicate with your partner or experiencing a cycle of arguments, broken trust due to infidelity, or lack of physical and emotional intimacy?  Relationship therapy can help you gain a better understanding of one another and find a way forward in harmony.

Relationship Therapy
Family Therapy

Family Therapy

Family Therapy focuses on family issues that affect the balance of your family unit. It deals with the role of each family member and how you interact with each other. The term ‘family’ is referred to an adult, partner or spouse and children living in the same household who may or may not all be blood related. As a family you will gain insight to the underlying causes of your disagreements and learn new skills to relate more effectively.


Body-Psychotherapy works with the physical effects of supressed emotions. Manifested as muscle tension in anxiety, breathlessness in panic attacks or physical pain related to psychological trauma.

Body-Psychotherapy is used in conjunction with psychotherapy to help you gain new insights on how underlying issues create physical symptoms that impact your psychological wellbeing.

Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy addresses sexual issues such as fear of intimacy, addiction, rejection or invasion. You will gain insight to underlying causes and patterns of behaviour, and learn new skills to help you reach sexual harmony in your relationship. Therapy sessions are discussion based and can be either individual one-to-one or couples sessions.

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Carla Devereux uses a combined therapeutic approach to support clients work through their presenting issues and achieve their desired outcome.