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I am an MD of a large company. This brings its challenges, not only in the business, but in my mind. I was introduced to Carla by a friend who recommended her services. I spent nearly 8 months meeting with Carla, in an attempt to manage my mind and the way it would wonder with the stresses and strains. I am pleased to say her approach and understanding was excellent, the difference it made was incredible. It had been 40 years since I had homework to do, however, this helped focus my thoughts and feelings. I have recommended Carla to various people
I first consulted Carla in 2006 in relation to my son who was aged 14/15. He was having terrible troubles with anxiety and panic attacks. We couldn’t get him to school and he was withdrawing from social contact. We tried other counsellors with no success. Carla immediately established a rapport with him. She is warm, friendly and open. He continued seeing her off and on over a period of 3-4 years. It was a long journey but the change in him was remarkable and Carla was an invaluable assistance throughout that period. He is now happily married, has a child and recently qualified as a Solicitor. I would have no hesitation in recommending Carla to anyone with similar issues of their own or their children’s
Carla allowed me to reveal the real me in a safe environment; I found out so much about myself and why I did what I did. I continue to use the tools she taught me and I have a choice today and an awareness that I never knew I had. I highly recommend her
I have had the privilege to have accessed the services of Carla periodically, stretching over a period of fifteen years. Carla has really assisted me in coping with and processing the difficult life situations and challenges that so many of us have to face
Carla has helped me through some of the most difficult times of my life. I have been so grateful for her support and guidance. Carla is warm and easy to talk to – I have been able to open up to her. She has also gained a lot of knowledge and I believe she is continually learning and improving herself. Carla’s training has enabled her to explain some human psychology and family dynamics in relation to myself. Being able to understand the way some individuals work has helped me immensely and I have been able to make sense of my situation. I highly recommend Carla.
We went to couples counselling with Carla after Dave had his affair. We decided to split up and wanted to manage the separation the best we could for the sake of our three young children. Carla helped us work through the problems that led to the affair. It was hard at times to hear truths we’d been avoiding but after only a couple of sessions we both realised we wanted to save our marriage. Four years on, we’re still married, our children are happy and our relationship is better than it’s ever been. We still have stressful times like any other couple but we now have different exercises we can do to help us get back on track. We have recommended Carla to several friends
Dave & Sarah