Psychotherapy & Online Counselling

Qualified psychotherapist and hypnotherapist with over 21 years experience in working with adults, teenagers and children.

Psychotherapy & Online Counselling

Telephone, FaceTime or Skype sessions accessed from the comfort of your own home or wherever you are in the world, at a time to suit you. Online appointments can address the same wide range of issues from stress, anxiety and depression to relationship concerns.

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Counselling Psychologist

Online Psychologist

You feel lonely and need somebody to talk to?

You are too busy to attend an appointment in the counsellor´s office

Fees & Payment

Individual 1 hour £70
Couples 1 ½ hours £95
Family 2 hours £150

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Online Appointments

Faced with joining a desperately long NHS waiting list, many in the UK have opted for online counselling instead.  They are as effective as face-to-face sessionsWork will begin straight away and you will most likely come away with some new insights and a few exercises to do prior to your next appointment.


All contact details and personal information collected during therapy sessions are treated as confidential, according to the BPS and NRHP code of ethics. No information will be disclosed or shared with anyone else without your prior written consent, unless obliged to do so by court order, other legal requirement or if you present a perceived danger to you or others

She is a member of the British Psychological Society and the National Register of Hypnotherapists & Psychotherapists.

Confidentiality Service
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Professional online counselling

Much like therapists and counselors in “real-world” settings can have a range of qualifications and licenses, online therapists can also differ considerably in their training and credentials. 

As a psychologists Carla offers personalised guidance that will help you to feel better step by step.

Sometimes it only takes a single conversation to make you feel better.

Looking for Online therapy

Our you looking at the Ins and Outs of Online Psychotherapy. Online therapy, also known as e-therapy, e-counseling, teletherapy or cyber-counseling, is a relatively new development in mental health in which a therapist or counselor provides psychological advice and support over the internet.

Before you consider online therapy, you should think about issues such as confidentiality, ethical and legal issues as well as the qualifications of online therapists.

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