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My wife complains about everything I do, nothing is ever good enough

My wife and I have been together 18 years. Life was great; we got on really well, had fun, amazing holidays, a lot of laughter ...
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My partner and I don’t talk or laugh any more, life has become monotonous and functions on routines

Q. I’ve been with my partner 7 years; we have two daughters age 4 and nearly 6. Life has become a series of routines we perform ...
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My partner’s jealousy has led me to cheat and now I fear what she’ll do

Q. My partner accuses me of cheating and looking at other women when we are out. She won’t say anything whilst we’re in a bar, restaurant ...
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I’m happily married yet I keep having affairs and can’t stop

Q. I’m happily married with three children; I have a good job, live in a nice house, have an amazing wife and love my kids ...
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My mother is very controlling and manipulative, she’s destroying my life

Q. I’m 36, divorced with two sons. I was single for 4 years after I separated from my husband. Every week when my mother called ...
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I’ve met a lovely man, we get on extremely well but his daughters are spoiling our relationship

Q. I’m divorced from the father of my two sons, now age 7 & 11. I’ve had a few failed relationships but in the last ...
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My husband has shut down since the lockdown; he won’t talk to me and spends his day binge watching films on TV

Q. My husband works from home since the first lockdown back in March, and I’ve continued going into work. I leave early in the morning and ...
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My boyfriend’s depression and addiction to drink and weed is destroying my life

Q. My boyfriend and I have been living together for 5 years. The first two years were good, we went out, had fun. Three years ...
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My daughter has become very anxious and controlling since the pandemic broke out

Q. My daughter was given her GCSE grades without exams like other students in this time of Covid. She was reasonably happy with the results. ...
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I feel so lost and lonely since my only daughter went off to university for the start of fresher’s week.

Q. My daughter and I have lived on our own since her father left when she was 18 months old. I’m the only parent and ...
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My 14 year old son took his own life and it’s my fault

Q. My 14-year-old son Jason had been suffering with bouts of depression on and off since his dad and I separated two years ago. Before ...
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