Making time to make memories by Kate Greenhalgh (Guest Blog)

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Making time to make memories by Kate Greenhalgh (Guest Blog)

Co-founder of A Year of Dates, the little box of magic for couples

We get it… as partners in life, parenthood and business, making time for each other can so easily become non existent. 

In fact we’re still making our way through the very first set of date cards John gave to me – the cards that brought our whole business to life- back in 2016! (Ah the joys of becoming parents). But here’s the thing… whilst we might have made our year of dates last well over 5 (and counting), we still do them. 

How do we find the time? We don’t find it, we MAKE it. 

It’s like anything in life, things only really happen if you make them happen. For us, this means planning ahead. Whether staying in with a takeaway, or sorting a sitter to head out (let’s hope going out is here to stay!)… planning the time, then committing to it as best we can.

It’s what A Year of Dates is all about, theres still an element of surprise and spontaneity when you open the envelope that week and see where it takes you.

As much as we share our story of how it all began and what it means to us, what we really love is that our products are no longer just for us. Knowing that each box we send will start a whole year of new adventures for a couple, a family or an individual who needs to make that time for themself.

We’re not saying our cards are the only way to make time for each other, you can make any plans at any time, but what they DO do is prompt you to actually do it. They don’t magically create time either (sorry), BUT you’ll soon find ways to make it work for you. 

There are many ways to make it work, and making it work for you is the most important part. But here’s some tips we’ve picked up along the way:

1. Talk – Sounds obvious we know, but how often do we end up sat watching TV (or on our phones) at home, or sending a quick text yet never calling, or putting off a call we feel we don’t have the time to make. Start an intentional conversation to get your plans underway! 

2. Make a plan… to plan. Setting time aside to go through options and logistics, unless your plan (or date card) is a takeaway and night in… then only a menu and the night itself is needed! 

3. Get excited – This is YOUR time, and you deserve it. Make sure it’s something you’re excited to do. We’re forever saying that our cards serve as inspiration only, not as instructions. Your dates, your way. 

4. Set the date – This is probably the most important step… setting a time and place to put plans into action. 

5. Commit to doing it, unless an emergency comes up. If it does- reschedule! 

6. Enjoy – laugh, chat, explore, make memories.

We’d love to hear if you have any other tips we’ve missed that help you plan that all important time together with loved ones…

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