‘Healing the Shame that Binds You’ by John Bradshaw


‘Healing the Shame that Binds You’ by John Bradshaw

This book is about dealing with toxic shame that drives addiction. We tend to see addiction in the context of alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or sex and pay little attention to our compulsion to super-achieve, being a workaholic or drawn to co-dependent relationships.

John Bradshaw explores the underlying causes of toxic shame, how it manifests and how we develop unhealthy layers of coping strategies. He helps the reader understand the origins of their toxic shame and introduces 12 steps to change.

It is structured in short sections that are clearly sign-posted. There’s benefit in a dip-in-and-digest approach to reading this book to help you understand and explore your own experiences relating to shame. It uses semi-academic language that may not suit every reader.


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