Could nature hold the key for letting go?

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Could nature hold the key for letting go?

Do you fear the unknown? Or are you holding on to the past in the hope it will get better? Do negative thoughts creep in, take hold and become major worries about things you fear may happen?

We all have a tendency to worry at some point in our lives. For some of us it’s a momentary concern and for others it’s a permanent state of being. It doesn’t take much for a little seedling of negative thinking or belief to plant itself in our minds and rampantly grow.

Have you noticed how negative thoughts never runs solo? They are usually accompanied by a cluster of others all vying for space and attention.


I love using nature as a visualisation for letting go and autumn is the best season. At this time of year the leaves change colour to the different tones of yellow, orange, copper and red. They’ve come to the end of their time and gracefully float away settling on the ground.

Have you walked in a park or countryside on a crisp autumn day kicking fallen leaves and hearing the crunch beneath your feet?

I visited Batsford Arboretum last weekend specifically to take in the season. The tones and earthy scent of autumn permeated through the grounds. The muted sound of the visitors made me feel I was in nature’s library.

Take a walk in a park or find a local woodland and let yourself tune in to the surrounds.

Stop in front of one of your favourite deciduous trees and feel your feet firmly planted on the ground, as if you were forming roots. Notice the autumn tones and how the trees are ready to let go of their leaves.

Imagine that each of the leaves represents your worries, stresses, emotional pain or any other negative thought that impacts your life. No need to identify each one specifically; keep it general. Then think of you as the tree, ready to let go of your ‘leaves’.

Watch how the leaves drift in the breeze, settling on the ground like an autumn carpet. Feel your worries ebb away as you let go too.

Hold the image in the archives of your mind and have it ready to use when you need to let go of stress or a negative thought.

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